About us

Cetanā® is an international development company based in Tōkyo, which benefits from the experience of its founder : over 30 years in Japan, more than 500 companies and organizations supported in this market through on-demand services.

We specialize in “health”, as defined by WHO (a complete physical, mental an social well-being). Our expertise covers the Silver Economy, medical devices and equipment, disability, mobility and sport.

In Sanskrit Cetanā® means volition. It is a mental factor, the moment when the mind moves to a specific direction or target. In everyday life as well as in international business, we know that a clear intention, directed towards a specific purpose and sustained over time, is a key success factor.

Cetanā® is more than a window to the Japanese market. It is a powerful international platform which gives access to many markets, thanks to a global network of recognized, dedicated experts who share values such as sincerity, respect and proximity.

Cetanā®: a passion for results.


Jean-Michel Mollier,
Cetanā®'s CEO