We cover 3 business areas: business development for SMEs, territories internationalization and skills improvement.

1. Development for SMEs

As a category, « The SME » doesn’t exist. Only SMEs do exist. SMEs needs, motivations and means vary according to many factors, including their international experience. It is therefore important to deliver distinctive and targeted solutions if SMEs are to be enabled to develop overseas exports.

We offer western SMEs a wide range of customized solutions to make their market entry and development in Japan a clear and quick success while controlling the process process. We work out your strategy with you, we put it into action. We stand by your side day after day to share the progress with you and achieve the goals. 


2. Internationalization of territories

Cetanā® has accumulated a unique track record in international promotion of economic territories. For 25 years, we have implemented in Japan the internationalization of the second largest French region.

Whether you are a local authority, a cluster or a business federation acting at a local level, you need an expert guidance to increase your attractiveness and develop business cooperation.

Having set up the goals with you, Cetanā® will design a road map and determine the resources that must be mobilized to achieve this aim.  Then we will implement the road map, monitoring results and giving you progress reports on a regular basis. 

Cetanā® will share with you a detailed knowledge of the local environment together with an efficient network made of decision-makers in Japan, at a national and local level, in public and private sectors.


3. Skills improvement

Even if you don't know much about business practices in Japan, you may need to manage alone your relationship with your Japanese partner. How to avoid making fatal mistakes? If you have already failed, how to avoid making the same mistakes in future?

In order to answer this question, Cetanā® unique approach is to enhance our ability to understand everything in Japan, to increase your independence and effectiveness while doing business in Japan. Our ambition is to offer every international company a set of tailored made tools to make the Japanese market as easy as possible, as safe as possible.

Cetanā® offers original formulas developed in cooperation with a European partner specializing in professional training for executives:

  • For you, as an executive
  • For your staff, as a key factor to succeed in Japan
  • Management training