The Japanese Medical Devices Market: young and in good shape

On April 23rd, 2015, Jean-Michel MOLLIER introduced to 18 companies the Japanese market of Medical Devices within the framework of a web conference organized by the SNITEM, in partnership with Business France.

At the end of the exchange of April 23rd, several members of the SNITEM wished to deepen their knowledge of the 2nd world market, the constantly growing market, still dependent on imports. The Japanese market of the DEM offers important opportunities connected to the ageing of the population and to the necessity for Japanese public authorities to reduce costs by improving the prevention and the quality of medical acts. This leaves space for innovative solutions.

The former PAL (Pharmaceutical Affairs Law), renamed PMDL (Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Law offers a greater legibility and more flexibility for a “successful approach of the market ", theme of Jean-Michel MOLLIER's intervention.  The accent was put on the importance of a project manager to identify opportunities, evaluate and select the best partners and, above all, insure the interface with the various actors of the regulations to reduce the errors, the duration of the process and the costs incurred.

For 25 years, Jean-Michel MOLLIER, CEO and founder of Cetanā, accompanies in Japan the manufacturers of DEM. It is one of the rare experts Japan has to have at the same time a sharp knowledge of the Japanese regulations and a practical experience of the approach of the market. Cetanā is a relay favored to accompany the development projects of the western companies on the Japanese market.

Created in 1987, the SNITEM (National Syndicate of the Industry of Medical Technologies) is the first professional organization representing the major part of the industry of the sector of medical devices as well as Information and Communication technologies related to Health (TRICKS). It federates 375 companies, among which of numerous SMEs. On the national level, it is a preferred contact organization for ministers' offices, administration and Parliament.