Sport - Outdoor: on your marks

The Japanese sportswear - outdoors market size was valued at ¥ 5.158 billion in 2013 (about 38 million €), 102.5% compared to the previous year.

While sales of lifestyle and snowboarding clothes show a slowdown in the domestic market, clothes for athletics and running are far ahead of all categories of the sector, with an increase of 107, 5%, or 15.5 billion yen (about 11.5 million €) compared to the previous year. Compression products and sport underwear should also keep growing in the coming years.

The outdoor sports industry has experienced a period of boom in 2010 with the emergence of the "Mountain Girl", phenomenon. Yama Girls boom still contributes to the increase in demand.

Japanese youth see in sport and outdoor an extension of the fashion industry, a way of consuming that extends now-and-already extend into sports such as bike or skateboard, pushing equipment manufacturers to engage in the race .